High-precision mechanical components for prototype and equipment manufacture - Tooling manufacture

About Frepa

Frepa: High-Precision Mechanical Components

FREPA nv are a reliable partner for the production of high-precision mechanical components, dies and equipment. Our versatile facility manages batch runs, which can vary from just one single prototype to a series of a few hundred items.

Louis Paredis first started the company ‘Frezen Paredis' [Paredis Milling] in 1989, and this has now grown into FREPA. Initially working as a one-man band, he has built up the company that now employs a 25-strong workforce. In 2006, Eddy Hendriks took over the helm.

Sitting down with our customers to find the perfect solution requires craftsmanship, insight into costing, teamwork, and continuous monitoring of the quality and delivery deadlines. This is quite a philosophy that cannot just be conveyed in a brochure or on a website. This can only be achieved by the customer and the manufacturer really engaging.

The Frepa Product Range

We offer a very extensive product range, ranging from meticulously small parts to fully assembled equipment. Each individual product is produced to the same high standard of quality and reliability.

Frepa Business Activities

We primarily manufacture high-precision mechanical parts, dies and equipment for the following industries:
- High-precision mechanical industry
- Machine manufacture
- Metal industry
- Electronic industry
- Food industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Dies

Naturally, by manufacturing for all the above industries, Frepa have built up a wealth of experience and expertise over the past years. Our engineers and technicians are therefore highly trained in pro-actively designing and manufacturing the perfect end product.

We offer a particularly wide product range, and sophisticated production planning enables Frepa to ensure that their processes run like clockwork from order to delivery. 
We prove this with daily and weekly deliveries, as many of our customers demand that we supply ‘just in time'.


Frepa NV
Centrum Zuid 1073
3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

tel. +32 11 52 24 22